A Nod to Seven Years

Core72 energizes. Its racks of colorful, high-quality, live-in-me-all-season performance wear sew a message into the seam of our doubting minds: girl, you can do this--all of it. We hear the message louder and more clearly as we move through the boutique’s light, airy space and see fierce, feminine clothes and gear beneath photos depicting mountains and forests. This is owner Ferrall Dietrich’s vision.

While she wraps an ivory linen scarf printed with surf-blue triangles, we get to know her. She tells us about her sons and how she would cross the country with them when they were young, traveling 10,000 miles each summer to explore the vast state and national forests and parks that dotted their route west. From there, the concept of Core72 evolved. “How to bring a little bit of the freedom and sense of adventure that I felt on the road and in the outdoors to my work life at home was the big question,” Ferrall says. “Realizing that it would mean starting my own business was the first step. I had never worked in retail before, but I loved the little shops and the outdoor/lifestyle brands I came across in my travels.”

Ferrall loves being a female entrepreneur, “despite how hard it is and all the ups and downs that come with the job.” She has built networks with like-minded female business-owners that meet several times a year to share ideas and best practices and to commiserate and offer support. She cites them as her inspiration, but we don’t doubt that her part in the group inspires in equal measure. Ferrall works hard to keep things fresh at Core72. She receives small shipments of new inventory every week and tries to stay one step ahead of the trends and anticipate what customers will love. In a way, owning Core72 seems to be another kind of journey for her, one that involves challenges of the body, mind and soul. According to Ferrall, “all the hardships and losses are yours, but so are all the accomplishments and successes.”

Girl--you can do this--all of it. And thanks to Core72, so can we!

Ferrall Dietrich’s local loves: “Rock Creek Park is an outdoor oasis right in our backyard. As a family, we are there all the time – horseback riding, trail running, hiking, walking the dogs. We are so fortunate to have this resource at our doorstep. I also love the C&O Canal, Glover Park, and Battery Kemble Park.”