Walkable City: Capital Crescent Trail/Bethesda

I love a walk with a destination that’s delicious! Recently, we walked the Capital Crescent Trail to Bethesda Row for dinner. The walk was a bit longer than we remembered, and one child’s clangy scooter had to be abandoned halfway due to family conflict, but we arrived having worked up an appetite. Truth be told, I contemplated an Uber home, but we managed and probably slept a little better that night for it. 

Stop One. A free cup of water from Paul to quench our thirst and hydrate!

photocredit: fishtacoonline

Stop Two: Fish Taco. There is no shortage of options to please our family in Bethesda, but Fish Taco is the perfect family spot. This newer location has pleasant outdoor seating and a meal that satisfies and nourishes. Chips and salsa (ALWAYS guacamole for this crew), fish tacos, vegetarian platters and kids steak taco served with fruit hit the spot. 

Stop Three: Amazon Bookstore. Despite crying when the Barnes and Noble left Bethesda, we have found the Amazon Bookstore to be a fun browse. Especially interesting is their local section of the “most ordered items” from our area. It gives a sense of what’s trending and sparks some great gift ideas. And, it satisfies our love of being with books face to face. 

Stop Four: Georgetown Cupcake or Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. Although we are a family divided, Georgetown Cupcake is still a perfectly delicious treat for us! Seasonal creations, like Lilli Pulitzer or Cherry Blossom, are always fun to check out, but our favorites are Red Velvet, Coconut and Birthday Cake. And while Jeni’s has yet to open, we will be regular customers! We have enjoyed and gifted many a Jeni’s flavor and are an ice cream family all around. 

Extra Credit: The Capital Crescent Trail between Massachusetts Avenue and Bethesda brings the seasons to life. A raised pedestrian crosses over River Road and the wooded areas and glimpses of neighborhoods reveal fall foliage, cherry blossoms and springtime blooms. Bikers and walkers require attention and courtesy on the trail, and benches (and a playground) provide breaks along the way.