The Small Things

As a new reality settles in and adrenaline fades, we focus on the slow and steady and seek hope and happiness in the small things.

Heading into the weekend, a few things we are grateful for:

  • All of the Washington National Cathedral’s online offerings, especially a you-tube fly through to music. It’s the world’s sixth largest cathedral and Darth Vader makes an appearance. 

  • Curbside pickup at Henry’s Sweet Retreat for last minute candy and puzzles. It is like having a personal concierge experience in a candy store!

  • Taim delivery! This delicious spot in Georgetown is vegetarian wonder. Our neighborhood does a mass order weekly to support them. Falafel and fries never tasted so good. Taim is Hebrew for “tasty, delicious” and it is true!

  • Strosniders for their rationing of paper products and cleaning supplies. And for their curbside pickup. 

  • Bradley Food and Beverage for curbside pickup of ice (yes, the icemaker broke) and a huge block of cheddar cheese. Are you all having similar shortages in strange items? If you’d like a chunk, message us. Plenty for a year. 

  • Our friends who work in the local hospitals, who leave their kids at home and go to work to help others. 

  • Fresh air and spring blooms - the details feel more palpable this year. The colors, the textures. Every day they are a changing gift and we find ourselves wanting to learn more. Great resources online at American Plant and Little Falls Watershed Alliance

  • Our partners and sponsors. We can’t wait to share them with you. Countdown to SpringTide - May 1st. Det. It’s the world’s sixth-largest cathedral and Darth Vader makes an appearance.