talk to us...we are listening

Hi Friends,

We are so excited to feature SIX COMMUNITY MEMBERS in a piece about community/neighbors in BlueBird City’s Fall/Winter Edition, Spark coming this October!

If you are interested, please write to us with answers to the following questions:

These are “quick response” and fun - don’t overthink it! Feel free to pick and choose and skip!

1. One word to describe you:

2. Best thing about your job:

3. Something people get wrong about you:

4. Favorite item of clothing:

5. A song/musician you play on repeat and return to time and time again:

6. Three NWDC/Bethesda businesses you love:

7. A book on your bedside table:

8. A favorite meal:

We will circle back by September 1st to let you know if you will be featured!

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