Spring In View

We are rounding the curve into Spring. We stretch and breathe.

The National Cathedral is always a respite, a reminder of where we live on top of this hill overlooking the monuments and the Potomac River. The magnificent stones demand attention above the demure and ambling gardens below. The sunrise in the distance reminds us of a bigger world, to look up and focus outward.

Open City warmly invites groups of wise retirees, innovative local business owners and neighbors for a relaxed cup of coffee (served with animal crackers on the side). The old building whispers stories and serves up nostalgia.

We are excited to take a walk with Margaret, owner of The Elements. The woods and trails are her confidantes as she mingles with nature dwellers of all ages. Who doesn’t need unstructured outside time. Sign us up!

Butter Chicken Co. is calling our name.  $11 combo plates of butter chicken, steaming hot basmati rice and warm naan. They only make 300 plates a day and sell out quickly!

Some of us can’t stand to shop, but Tuckernuck always delivers. Denim, basic black pants, checked shirt, fabulous fleece, beautiful top! Capsule wardrobe for a uniform girl. Thank you Tuckernuck!

Head to Frederick Maryland for a few hours to get out of town. “It’s where historic meets hip” and we have been told there are quaint galleries and cozy spots to grab a bite. Sometimes a drive out of town is a good reset!

A trip to the Avalon feels right this weekend. Dare to see Parasite or opt for next week’s interesting Born in Jerusalem and Still Alive?

It may be too late for a dinner reservation at Et Voila--try next Wednesday--but their Belgian market stocked with jams, cheeses and other specialty foods will crown any Friday evening cocktail party.

Enjoy your weekend and #bluebirdcity to show us what joy you find!