Park Story Q&A: New Shop on the Block

Right off Connecticut Avenue on Livingston, tucked in a trio of small shops, you will find Park Story, a refreshing enclave of style. Owner Meghan Evans greets customers with the optimism imbued in her store’s products, seeking to curate “useful, beautiful, and quality goods from local and independent brands.”

For women in DC, work and play are inextricably fused; uncomplicated and functional garments are rare to come by and coveted when found. Evans’ clothing line is simple and lovely, sometimes subtle with straight lines and comfortable cuts, often drapey and soft, perfect for coffee shop meetings and dinners out. Patterns are chic and can be worn by women of all ages. Park Story provides perfect pieces that spend more time worn than on a hanger. The shop is peaceful, light, airy, spacious, specked with handmade jewelry, gifts and housewares.

Park Story

BlueBird City: What has been the happiest surprise on your journey to launching a new boutique?

Meghan Evans: How incredibly welcoming and supportive the neighborhood has been of the shop!

BBC: What has been your greatest challenge?

ME: Doing it all. I'm currently a one woman show so handling all tasks, big and small can feel impossible at times. However, I'm fortunate to have some great friends who have pitched in to help as needed! I am hiring and look forward to growing my team.

BBC: What local spots bring you joy?

ME: Little Red Fox, Varnish Lane

BBC: How do you source your products and find local artists?

ME: Most I've met through markets and events and have since become friends with. I've also connected with others through current friends/vendors and inevitably find folks through Instagram.

BBC: Where did the vision for Park Story come from?

ME: As a local clothing designer, I struggled to find boutiques geared towards independent womenswear designers. But, I'd grown close with a handful of local designers and makers and realized that I wasn't alone. Plus, as a consumer I'd dreamed of a highly curated and elevated environment to shop sustainable and ethical clothing and accessories. So, I figured I'd merge the two and create a space for makers and consumers to connect.

Park Story

Evans, a Raleigh native, joined the DC community four years ago. “I've loved living here more than I ever anticipated. It's a real treat to have such access to museums and monuments while simultaneously finding a community of creatives (despite DC's reputation for being a city of lawyers and politicians).”

Our “community of creatives” is no doubt better with the addition of Park Story to our neighborhood.

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Grand Opening, Sunday November 17