Foodie Heroes and Vampire Weekend

When the world seems bleak, we look to our foodie heroes to save the day. This weekend (or next week, or the week after) when you’re homebound, consider these pick-me-up recipes. Escape and indulge in cooking (a la Julie and Julia - a great movie and on Netflix). Pay attention to your minced garlic. Pack in that brown sugar. When they say “fold,” fold baby, fold! Put on old jazz or Sade or Vampire Weekend...depending on your dish.

Jose Andrés makes us feel like we can stand up to anything. Chicken and Turkey Croquetas put to use any leftovers from last night’s meal.

Robert Wiedmaier’s Coriander and Fennel Encrusted Wild Alaska Salmon in a Citrus Emulsion sounds complicated. It actually isn’t--but take the credit!

Try Eric Ziebold’s Basic Crêpes for breakfast or dessert. Sweet or savory, we love the versatility--and his suggestion of anything from marmalade to manchego as an accompaniment.

Finish with Ris Lacoste’s Orange Layer Cake, passed on from her own mother. Lacoste suggests we enjoy with a cup of Earl Grey.

“I think careful cooking is love, don't you?” -Julia Child

Why yes Julia, the Foodie Hero in us could not agree more. Relish the day, the night, the sounds, the smells.