Dinner, quick!

Much to our chagrin, takeout is pretty common in our household. Busy lives and the desire for delicious global cuisine have us ordering up meals from great local spots. Next time you need a break, consider some of our local favorites.

Indian. Masala Art is our go-to for a delicious Indian meal. Our favorites are the Murgh Tikka Masala, Pindi Chole and the Rock Salt and Cilantro Nan. A server recommendation given to us our first time dining in the restaurant should not be missed. The Lassoni Corn Palak is creamy spinach and corn tempered with garlic, and it is a delicious treat. 

Sushi. Hinata Sushi Carry Out offers up sushi that we crave regularly. The family-run Japanese grocery has a small sushi counter in the back. Often they sell out of sushi, so it’s best to put your order in early or call and confirm availability. The rolls are tightly rolled so each piece is small. The tempura shrimp, the tuna and cucumber avocado rolls are presented beautifully and packed up with chopsticks and a smile It is truly a favorite. 

Pizza. Pete’s Apizza pleases our family with the sides and freshness they offer. We love many of the pizza combinations, but it’s actually the Caesar salad and arancini (deep fried rice balls with a variety of fillings) that make it a stand out pizza choice. 

Kabobs. Moby Dick House of Kebab is a local Persian kabob restaurant that we love when we want rice, grilled meats and delicious vegetarian sides. We usually do the family platter with a combination of beef, chicken and lamb and a heaping tray full of their tasty rice. We also love the Must-o-Mooseer and Hummus, Dolmeh and Falafel. They always include plenty of their warm pita bread to clean your plate!