Cold Brew Brought Us Back

Compass Coffee Spring Valley is abuzz!

We spot a neighbor writer who has just signed a book deal with a thick worn paperback in front of her, mothers with babies strapped tightly, folks in business attire engaged in conversation. Claudia, the barista, is swirling an espresso shot into a latte. The fireplace is pumping out the heat. And Josh, the café manager, offers a warm hello as we slip our bags on underbar hooks and signal to him. 

It’s the Compass Cold Brew that brought us back to coffee. And apparently, it's a fan favorite. Seasonal drinks and lattes are popular, but the cold brew has a cult following, Josh explains. The Compass Coffee in Spring Valley has a true neighborhood feel to it, as each location takes on its own persona. Dogs are known by name, given treats, and have priority tie up “parking” out front. Customers are chatty, friendly and want to connect here. Josh explains that, while Compass is about coffee, it’s actually equally invested in the people it brings together. 

The founders of Compass, two former marines, created the business after their service in Afghanistan. Coffee unites people, and the ritual around coffee time enriched their human experience. As the website states “Compass Coffee is dedicated to making real good coffee. Nothing fancy, nothing too crazy or hard to pronounce, just really good.” They are doing it. 

Josh, the cafe manager, pursued management at Compass after working to open a coffee spot up the street at American University while he was a student there. Compass partnered with the small shop on campus and lured him into a career. He delights in his customers, knows them by name and has been pleasantly surprised at the depth of connection that Compass Coffee fosters. 

Aside from the coffee, there is a steady partnership with local food vendors. Fresh croissants from The Sweet Lobby arrive daily, Uncle Chips delivers cookies and more, and Union Kitchen shelves various pick-up items. One of twelve locations across our area, Compass Coffee is making a real impact with people and local businesses. 

The company’s mission is to make everyone’s day a bit better. Compass focuses on treating employees and neighbors well. Everything else follows. 

See you tomorrow, Compass!