Bluebird City Bethesda

 Online February 1-14th, 2021

To benefit BlueBird City and

our community of artists

Winter Roses by Emily Whiting
Food & Dance by Sally Canzoneri
Splash by Megan Elizabeth
PorDoSol by Sally Kauffman
The Sky is The Limit by Maria-Victoria Checa
Cuddle Up by Sally Canzoneri
Stitched Together by Lisa Grand Murphy
Tranquility by Stefanie Stark
Mind & Body by Jordan Mansour
Rose by Tom Wolff
Whatever - Sally Kauffman
Frog or Toad? by Julie Christenberry
Apples 2.0 by Lisa Grand Murphy
Indigo by Courtney Applequist
Riptides by Jennifer Duncan
Lincoln in the Snow by Bob Burgess
Feigning Optimism by Julie Christenberry
Winter Wonderland by Maria-Victoria Checa
Cedar Hill View by Sally Canzoneri
Mona Lisa (desire) by Tom Wolff
Momento by Sally Kauffman
Psyche by Courtney Applequist
Strong, Beautiful Pink by Stefanie Stark
Midwinter by Courtney Applequist
New Beginnings by Jodi Ferrier
Currents by Jennifer Duncan
White Bowl 2020 by Emily Whiting
The Station by Courtney Applequist
Camping Under the Stars by Jordan Mansour
Field of Dreams by Maria-Victoria Checa
Autumn Harbor by Jodi Ferrier
Remembering Gram by Jordan Mansour
Water Reflection 1 by Megan Elizabeth
Fleeting by Julie Christenberry
Let Us All Gather At The Table by Lisa Grand Murphy
Evaporation-rain by Jennifer Duncan
Mexican wedding dress by Tom Wolff
The Dream by Bob Burgess
Water Reflection 2 by Megan Elizabeth
The Flag by Bob Burgess

SOLD. Please inquire for duplicates or similar pieces.