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Brings to life a local community.


Highlights a kaleidoscope of businesses, products and people.

Provides touchpoints that cultivate joy and comfort.​

Splashes color onto the outlines of our days.

Print Launch

Spring 2020


About Us

BlueBird City is a community of people--reflected in a quarterly print publication supplemented with online stories of local adventures and delights. We feature writers, artists, and professionals who capture an area’s personality.



It began with a friendship that bloomed in a writing class, revealing a shared appreciation for peoples’ stories--a love of different generations and backgrounds and a desire to make a place feel like home. 

BlueBird City emerged from a talk on a trail, the promise of a fresh idea, and a text message photo clue. Between client meetings, kid drop-offs, appointments, a funny family dinner and four million

text messages...

The BlueBird made its nest.

The bluebird symbolizes joy and happiness. In the midst of a busy world, we hope to bring pause with simple stories and elements that delight.

Our Vision

A community coming together under both diverse and collective experiences. 

Fueled by the creative contributions of neighbors and friends.

You will define "us."

Our community of local writers, artists and professionals will contribute content and ideally be BlueBird City

readers themselves.

bluebird stories


{spring tide}

The spring issue will focus on newness and intensity; a blade of grass breaking through cold winter soil, a celebration of intrepidity.


Consider the theme of spring tide, defined as: 

1. a type of tide that occurs at the time of a new moon or full moon: at these times the high tides are higher and the low tides are lower than the corresponding tides during neap tide because of the gravitational effects of the straight-line alignment of the moon, earth, and sun


2. any great flow, rush, or flood

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